1 Jell-o pack (flavor of your choice)
2 cups coconut yogurt*
2 cups hot water
seasonal fruit of choice

*it can also be done with regular yogurt. What we noticed is that with coconut yogurt the consistency it not as stiff as with regular/cow yogurt. 


It’s super easy.

Prepare the Jell-o as directed in packaging but replacing the cold water for the coconut yogurt. Usually Jell-o it’s done with 2 cups cold water & 2 hot. Let it cool down in the fridge.

Once it’s done, add a layer of the yogurt of your choice for these ones we used vainilla yogurt and then top with a layer of granola and fruits of choice.

RECO: use a yogurt with the same flavor of the jell-o or plain vainilla, if not you will end up having too many flavors mix between the fruit, jello & yogurt.